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Get Wordpress Help- from a Single Line of Code to a Complete Website.
Wordpress Support When You Need It!
Get help with specific issues. We'll fix errors and make things work again.
We'll fix your broken website, and make it work again.
Plugins and extensions sorted, styled and optimised.
Help with any website problem, including custom php.
Learn Wordpress. Group or private classes for all levels.
Search engine optimisation of any Wordpress website.

WordPress Support Service, Help Desk Services

Get answers to your pressing website questions, from our WordPress support service for webmasters, business owners and web administrators. Professional one-to-one help is just a click away.

We’ll Fix Your Broken WordPress Site

Our Australian-based WordPress help desk can sort design issues with how your website looks, rescue you from hacking, malware or a disaster- or fix it when breaks. We’ll restore functionality, resolve plugin conflicts, slideshow formatting, widgets and lots more. We’ll bring back lost menus, set you up with a dependable backup system- and teach you how to reverse any errors you might make in the future.

We’ll Teach You How to Use WordPress

If you need someone to explain in simple language what needs to be done to resolve a problem with PHP or the WordPress CMS, we can be your on-call support desk. Our WordPress courses in Melbourne teach you website management, modification and maintenance, as well as troubleshooting techniques.

Get Seen in Organic Search, with WordPress SEO Services

Engage our WordPress SEO service to attract qualified organic traffics to your website. We’ve been doing search engine optimisation for nearly two decades, with lots of verifiable case studies we’ll gladly share.

Help With All WordPress Problems

A WordPress developer can help you when slideshows collapse, forms fail to work, menus break or widgets disappear.

If your website stops working, or you simply need someone to explain in simple language what needs to be done to resolve a problem with PHP or the WordPress CMS, we can help.

We address Javascript, CSS, Schema markup which is gaining traction rapidly. We’ll help manage all types of media as well as html5. If you’ve been searching online and noticed the forums and chat boards have incomplete answers- you’re not alone. We help people with all types of WordPress website problems. We’ll also write custom notes- for your website on how you can carry out the same repairs yourself, so you can move forward with confidence.

After Hours and On Weekends Too

Searching for after hours or weekend specialist help with your WordPress website? We’re available through most weekends and weekday evenings too. You can arrange telephone support, email or Skype advice. Face-to-face coaching and assistance is available in Melbourne’s South-east.

We’re your local Melbourne WordPress Developers. When you need a specialist or ongoing help from a freelancer, get in touch.

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