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Freelance WordPress Expert

So you’ve found me- a WordPress Expert in Melbourne where the weather changes faster than almost anything else. I’ve specialised in all things web since the early 2000s. It all started- like most things do- when you need someone to do something and you cannot find a person on the same wavelength. What do you do? You go and learn. You solve the problem, and before you know it people are asking for help.

Let’s wind forward to today.

I became a WordPress freelancer. As a specialist, I began providing a range of WordPress support services online, and throughout Melbourne.

These were ideal for people who either wanted help with specific WordPress problems as they came up.

Some people engaged me as their contracted web developer. I’d manage their company website and deliver a tailored search engine optimisation service, with WordPress-specific techniques.

I first got into the business of building websites when all we had was pure html. Back then, WordPress didn’t exist. It took a while for me to see the benefits of CMS- as with most new things- they take time to get a stronghold in the minds of the buying public.

Using PHP was great. My first web builder- a program by Adobe called “Dreamweaver” was also a great editor and php could be written and saved for uploading to a server. I took a big interest in finding ways to make life simpler- with less clutter and less code- leaner, cleaner CSS and embracing SEO, rich snippet markup and html5 for WordPress as I went along.

Since you’re most likely looking for a specialist who develops, debugs and repairs WordPress websites, I won’t dilute the relevancy of this page and mention two other very popular systems which use PHP. If I were to mention them- one is a superb eCommerce platform- and the other is similar to WordPress but different. The reason I would mention them- is because I’m very familiar with them, having taught, trained and done top level troubleshooting for all manner of websites and online shops.
So what can I offer you?

My WordPress Skills

I’ve been involved in the digital industry for over two decades. In that time, I’ve seen familiarity disappear overnight.

We’re living in dynamic times- and change is constant. I keep up with it- by investing in ongoing learning, so I can bring you the very best assistance anytime you need it.

Complete Website Development

I build websites for all industries- from trades, to services as well as online shops, blogs and small businesses who simply need to have a presence on the internet. My clients range from simple one-man operations, to multi-national companies, who have marketing departments, IT interns or in-house SEO. Sometimes they have all of these and more.

Problem Diagnosis and Repairs to WordPress Websites

I get called in as an independent specialist to resolve any tricky coding, development or search engine optimisation problems people might be facing. I can make a responsive theme from a pdf file, a photoshop file or modify an existing WordPress template to get it to look and work the way you want. And it will be Google compliant- with rich snippet schema markup, mobile resposive design and lean, mean coding. Styles will be called externally, not written into every line of code like most websites wrongly do.

You’ll have a competitive advantage right from the beginning!

Advanced SEO Skills to Get Your Website Ranking Well

If you’ve got a problem with your search engine optimisation, and realise it’s time to call a specialist- I’ll diagnose the problems via a one-to-one meeting if you’re in Victoria or happy to pay my travel to another city. If you prefer phone, Skype or Facetime- we can set something up that way too. I use world-class diagnostic tools, and maintain constant learning to update my search engine optimisation skills. I teach SEO for WordPress, and personally manage a number of accounts where I am responsible for driving revenue through the door of my clients businesses. If you speak with me live, I can point you to case studies. I won’t put their names online, so their competitors can’t just Google who does the SEO for that business.

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Here's What I Can Do For You!
I can fix any Wordpress website problems for you.

Is dynamic content not behaving as it should?

Are there conflicts with extensions or plugin problems?

I've got the skills to fix broken layouts, and get things looking as they should.

Hire me as your local Wordpress freelancer.
Do you want Worpdress training?
I provide personalised tuition for individuals, small groups or large groups.

Enjoy smoother progress as you manage your own website.

Work with expertly written and illustrated custom tutorials and notes.

These can supplement coaching as required- to get you through one task- or right through from concept to completion.