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WordPress SEO Service

Our WordPress SEO service will generate more traffic for you. A WordPress SEO expert understands how to get the best SEO optimisation from all your online assets. In turn, this gives you more prominence throughout search results. Organic traffic is the perfect outcome after professional optimisation of a WordPress website.
Superior results will always come when development and SEO are aligned properly. Following on, search engines will understand the real meaning of your pages better. Additionally, this will make the user experience better for people too. So it pays to get everything right from the start.
Our comprehensive suite of ensure you always get the best outcome.
Here are some of the things we optimise as part of our WordPress SEO service.

WordPress Technical SEO Service

Websites made with the WordPress CMS provide a great platform upon which to build a high ranking website.
WordPress has a number of user-configurable settings. Some of these relate to search engine optimisation. Therefore, setting them properly gives you an advantage.

Here’s Where We Start

First we check your website for crawl and accessibility issues. It’s important that search engines can find your pages. Any pages you don’t want to have featured in search results should be either removed or blocked. The exact course of action is very case-specific.

Secondly we check your website and content architecture. This clusters content so that your domain develops authority and subject matter expertise. In turn, this will help you rank for those important keywords.

Thirdly, we check your robots text file, sitemap and see if you have any broken links. Of course, we fix them before moving forward.

Keyword Research

WordPress website enable you to select a focus keyword field at page level.
Furthermore, setting a target search phrase gives you clarity with content development.
The best keywords represent buyer intent. Therefore it makes sense that these search terms are the ones we pursue.
From text, images and tags, to titles, links and related term co-occurrence, WordPress SEO experts know what works. Also, this means you benefit from our extensive experience with managing and ranking WordPress websites for keywords which convert to sales! We deliver search engine optimization services to Woocommerce online shops, eCommerce sites and blog websites. We’ve optimised sites across a diverse range of industries and professions- from high end discretionary-spend products and services, to fast moving consumer goods. Each sector demands a unique approach.

Authority Content- the Winning Edge in SEO

WordPress websites absorb content like a sponge takes on water. That’s good thing, because content is a major ranking factor.
Armed with our keyword findings, we’ll develop text and rich media to reinforce your business message to customers and search engines in a way that gets you found for “intent” queries.
It’s easy to get carried away as a website owner, and create enormous quantities of content. If left unchecked, this habit can lead to pages sharing authority for search terms. Also it makes multiple pages compete against themselves. As a result, neither page will do well.

Content theming and siloing are effective at keeping pages and categories organised.

We also tidy up the default asset management system used by WordPress.

Optimise for Users

The visitor arrives to fulfill a need.

Your website should be seen as an authority of the industry or profession you’re in.

Offer information which delivers value. And do this on a site that’s easy to navigate and use. As a result your site will be easy to use. We’ll optimise your pages for users. As a result, this will boost conversions. Furthermore- you’ll have happier clients and make more sales.

Off Page SEO

We’ll work consistently to build your authority and profile online, which in turn creates natural organic links. You won’t be trembling as Google updates their ranking algorithm criteria.

Everything we do is white hat, and complies with Google’s quality guidelines.

Our WordPress SEO services will get you onto page one, and keep you there.
Complete the form on this page- we’ll let you know what your website needs, free of charge.

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On Page
From meta tags to content. Everything set to work in synergy. Polished and tweaked for high performance.
Plugins Fixed
Many popular Wordpress plugins hamper website performance. If you really need those plugins, we'll fix their errors.
Ensure your website content is not only read- but understood by search engines too. Website architecture optimised.
Asset Optimisation
The default Wordpress file path structure does very little to help your content theming. We'll fix that, for best SEO.