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WordPress Training Courses in Melbourne

Learn WordPress at Our Group Classes, or Private Coaching

Comprehensive, practical WordPress training Melbourne. Easy to understand and follow, hands-on workshops and private classes. Customised lessons and modules designed for small business marketers, website owners, web managers as well as people who want to learn WordPress web development. Get any level of WordPress training tailored to your skills. Learn what you need to know. Achieve professional outcomes- boost your skills and get the results you want that same day. A private WordPress tutor is available to fast track your skills. If you’re a beginner developer who needs help with a client project, we can provide you with specific training.

A private WordPress tutor delivering one on one lessons is the most cost-effective, way of gaining education.

Attend the ultimate WordPress Training session- tailored just for you- addressing your skills, questions, unique website configuration and SEO. Gain a better understanding of PHP, Yoast, Elementor, forms and sliders. Learn how to do backups and how to troubleshoot your website when things don’t work as they should.

Woocommerce Training Courses

Woocommerce and e-commerce training courses available, which includes shop, category, product and full website management. Beginner to advanced SEO training for WordPress websites running Woocommerce, Specific lessons for shopping cart issues, order processing, physical products us well as downloadble products. Learn about variable products, grouping merchandise into bundles, discount coupons and lots more.

Become and expert in content updates, design management and working with plugins and theme layouts. Tightly focused group classes are available for corporate teams.

Specialised WordPress Training

Get targeted training modules developed especially for your situation, your website, to help you learn the skills you need, in order to understand this CMS.

Learn the Features of WordPress

Become proficient with creating pages, posts, editing the layout of your website and managing navigation menu items. Learn to install, customize and configure forms, plugins, images and video. We teach Woo Commerce, managing online shops and how to use Yoast properly.

Our structured WordPress course for beginners focuses on fundamentals of using this popular web publishing software. We regularly host hands-on, practical workshop style classes. All levels of training options are available as private tutoring, group classes, corporate workshops, as well as one-to-one coaching.

Learn Exactly What You Need with Focused Lessons

Customised tutorials can be developed for Word Press users of all ability levels. Corporate and small business website managers and developers will benefit from attending lessons designed to cover specific topics, with tailored tutorials and notes made available on the day.

There are modules specific to all areas of the CMS.

You can attend a session and get tutoring on the areas of WordPress you need help with. Lessons will be developed to your unique situation and current skill level.

Our practical, hands-on live WordPress workshops are held in the Melbourne CBD as well as within the South-east suburbs in the City of Casey and occasionally in the Dandenong Ranges. We teach the complete breadth of services we offer, so that attendees can grow their skills to be able to manage their own website independently.

Some of The Subjects We Teach

We provide training specific to your website, and address the queries you have, as part of the tutorial.

The following list represents the most frequently requested topics:

  • Selecting a theme- and why the most popular ones aren’t necessarily the best!
  • Configuring WordPress for best results- the smartest choice of editor and why it really makes a huge difference to productivity and being able to make changes efficiently later.
  • Installing a theme- things to beware of, and how to do it without breaking your existing website or causing the design to fall apart.
  • Adding media: Images, Video and Charts.
  • Using CSS- the modern presentation technology called “cascading style sheets” to make everything sit the way it should. Why inline styles should be avoided, even though many developers use them.
  • Creating widgets- bring your website to life with customised elements.
  • Protect your work- how to back up manually- and not rely on plugins.
  • How to rescue a broken website- restore from backup.
  • What to do when you don’t have a backup- yes there are other options.
  • Plugins- some are good- but many are not. How to tell the difference. What to do when a plugin breaks your website.
  • Troubleshooting- what to look for when something goes wrong. Where to start, and the investigative process you should use.

Learn about editing web pages, making complex changes to website structure and even building your very own theme- you can learn the same techniques a WordPress developer would use, when doing commercial projects.

Learn How to SEO WordPress Websites

We have courses on WordPress SEO which teach you how to maximise the ranking potential of your website. The SEO training module is based on the syllabus from SEO Melbourne Academy. It combines elements of the beginner and intermediate training. Our WordPress SEO Training course is ideal for businesses large and small. Also, there is material presented which relates to search engine optimisation for Woocommerce.

One on One WordPress Tutoring Schedule

Private WordPress tutoring takes the form of individual classes, often with tailored material specific to your website, theme, builder and plugins. These are for one person or for team members from one organisation, therefore are presented as needed. Times and locations are flexible. Sessions are offered within the CBD and also in the South-east of Melbourne as well as in the Dandenong Ranges.

Group Class Times: July and August 2024

Beginners: Tuesday 9th July 2024.

Intermediate: Wednesday 10th July 2024.

Combined WordPress and SEO Training Course: Thursday 11th July 2024.

Beginners: Tuesday 13th August 2024.

Intermediate: Wednesday 14th August 2024.

Combined WordPress and SEO Training Course: Thursday 15th August 2024.

One to One: Please inquire; dates are flexible during July and August 2024.

WordPress Essentials Short Course: New for 2024

The perfect answer if you are short on time or funds and just need specific assistance to get you started. Two action-packed hours where you can get specific WordPress training on anything you like. We’ll even do custom programming or development for you within that time span. A WordPress Expert can get lots done, in two hours.

WordPress Short Courses are delivered on-demand at our selected locations in Casey or Kallista. Additionally, they can be delivered by phone if you are unable to travel. Day evening and weekend WordPress courses are available. Complete the form, for more info.

Tailored WordPress Workshops for Corporates:

Corporate WordPress training, ideal for in-house marketers, website manager, web administrators, online shop managers and content writers. Unique, one-off programming, plugin, design and security problems solved on the day- with comprehensive concurrent teaching. WordPress coaching, mentoring and support delivered either onsite or at one of our locations. We also offer the opportunity to learn WordPress remotely via phone or video.

WooCommerce Training Workshops:

One-day WooCommerce Course: Tuesday 23rd July 2024.

One-day Workshop: Wednesday 24th July 2024.

Combined WooCommerce and SEO Training: Thursday 25th July 2024.

Complete an enquiry on this page to check for vacancies. You’ll also receive costs, a list of prerequisites and location details. Also, remember to mention any specific things or skills you would like to learn. We’ll structure something tailored to what you need.

Learn WordPress in Melbourne the best way possible. Attend any of our WordPress training courses and develop the skills to manage websites.

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